Power and data connections for mobile devices

A docking station provides a simple way to plug in electronic devices for battery recharging, storage, or data transfer. The Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ universal docking station can be deployed on a table top or wall mounted to provide maximum flexibility for securing your mobile device. The adapter for the docking station can be fitted on any of the Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ handheld devices.

All of our Bopla Universal Docking Station (UDS) enclosure contours match up to motor vehicle standard 74/60/EEC. They were also tested in accordance with DIN 72300 “Electrical and electronic vehicle equipment, environmental conditions – mechanical stress,” and shock and vibration test according to DIN EN 60068-2-27/64.

Key features include:

  • Power and data connections for mobile devices achieved with the inclined UDS
  • Two sizes
  • Two colors
  • A variable detent for fitting mobile devices
  • Contacts for connecting to mobile device accessories
  • Available as console and wall enclosures