Ultra flexible. Ultra reliable.

With an ultra-thin, extruded aluminum profile, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ SL 2000 is at the forefront of innovative design for operator interface enclosures. It seamlessly blends together high mechanical and electromagnetic protection, numerous mounting, and attachment options with high design standards.

Because of its flexible construction and universal mounting options, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ SL 2000 lends itself for use in a wide variety of applications: as an operating enclosure in machine and plant engineering; as an enclosure solution for industrial PCs and control units; and as a universal solution for flat panel display systems. It is also available with the Moterm console, featuring motorized positioning and a low-cost, lightweight suspensions arm.

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Key features include:

  • Innovative design for operator interface enclosures
  • High mechanical and electromagnetic protection
  • Available with numerous mounting positions and attachment options
  • Versatile and flexible construction
  • Optional attachment to Rose Industrial Enclosures’ suspension arm system
  • Hinge attachment to machinery or wall
  • Panel mounting solutions
  • Three versions of Moterm mobile console stands available
  • RoHS and REACH compliant