They’ve never met a harsh condition they didn’t like

The largest of our hostile environment cabinet line, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Fiberglass Watertight Cabinets 3040/3060 series are some of the most rugged cabinets we make. Made from tough as nails compression-molded fiberglass, these cabinets are designed specifically for harsh manufacturing conditions and hostile environments, and will outlast any steel or stainless steel alternatives. This method of manufacturing offers exceptional strength, durability, and a high gloss finish.

Our 3040/3060 series offer a broad spectrum of options for indoor and outdoor usage, providing exceptional protection as distribution cabinets, housing for electronic components used for measurements in weather stations, for control and monitoring system components, outdoor time card badge readers, portable marine instruments, or for brewery control monitors.

Available in four versions: standard door with various locking systems; door with viewing window and various locking options; standard door with integrated carrying handle; and door with viewing window and integrated carrying handle.

Both cabinet sizes offer an optional watertight carrying handle, intended to accommodate portable instruments. An opaque door or a door with laminated safety glass viewing window is also available. Handles and locks are required and must be ordered separately.

Key features include:

  • Designed specifically for harsh environments
  • Largest of our hostile environments cabinet line
  • Special manufacturing method offers exceptional strength, durability, and a high gloss finish
  • Standard version or with window
  • Polycase version with integrated handle
  • Available in four versions