A guaranteed watertight seal – every time

The Polycarbonate Modular Flange System is similar in design to our Fiberglass Modular Flange System in that these enclosures can be used as stand alone units or can be bolted together with connecting tunnel flanges and wedges. The Polycarbonate 1700 system features a greater range of sizes and is made of Polycarbonate. One additional difference is that each Polycarbonate Modular Flange box is a complete enclosure unto itself, without the insertion of flanges.

The Polycarbonate Modular Flange System covers a broad spectrum of applications because they can be combined in so many ways. This system is ideal in applications where add-on capability or routine entry into the enclosure for maintenance is required. Some major benefits of this system are: very economical; can be used in combination with any other modular polycarbonate flange enclosures; and ease of working with flanges. The most common applications for Polycarbonate Flange enclosures are in the automotive industry, in electrical installations, and in areas where frequent rewiring is necessary.

Key features include:

  • Fast and efficient way of joining enclosures together
  •  Watertight seal and expanded internal component mounting space
  • Clean design
  • Tight tolerances
  • Consistent dimensions
  • High strength, low cost
  • Resistant to weather and industrial corrosion