For a handheld operator panel between Man and Machine

As an interface between man and machine, our 2911, 2912, and 2913 Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Pilot enclosures offer some of the most versatile design options for handheld control units. These enclosures are designed for use in machine and plant engineering – to protect sophisticated electronic equipment in control engineering – as well as for for display units.

Key features include:

  • Robust protection in rough industrial environments due to the inner and outer profile design
  • Aluminum-made screened (EMI/RFI) inner enclosure is available when sensitive electronic components need to be protected
  • Outer enclosure profile is manufactured from PVC extrusions to allow for a variety of lengths
  • Yellow end caps are injection molded in Polyamide
  • Black plastic side casings are ridged to improve handling and adjustable to allow for a wide or narrow front panel
  • Housings are dust and splash water protected
  • Aluminum front panels are removable for machining