Handheld control units for installation and operation


Rose Industrial Enclosures offers handheld control units like the Pilot 2930/2940/2950 to custom fit a wide variety of applications in mechanical and control engineering. Our Pilot line of handheld enclosures are designed to meet the growing need for portable electronic devices in plant automation and control applications.

PILOT 2930/2940
Our smallest unit is the 2940, designed as a single push-button control unit. It’s ideal for panic button controls in production line manufacturing situations. It can also be mounted at a master console, or additional workstations with extra wall-mount brackets. The black polyester front panel is removable for fast, easy access to electronic components and interface modules. On paper, our 2930 is identical to the 2940, but in your palm you’ll notice a larger sized head on the 2930. Both the 2930 and 2940 are injection molded in impact resistant yellow polyamide.

PILOT 2950
The largest unit in the Pilot series, the 2950 is designed as a multi-button control station. Up to 10 push-buttons or switches can be built in, depending on the size and scope of application. This unit features a built-in left-handed handle and cord wrap. The aluminum front panel is removable for machining and attaches to the enclosure with adhesive. The 2950 is constructed of yellow polyester and is resistant to most industrial acids, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays.