Low on cost. Big on value.

Our Interzoll Modul/Interzoll (19 inch subracks) mounting rack system is best known for its exceptionally good value and its overall versatility. Thanks to its modular construction, this range of 19” subracks provides many different technical alternatives, as well as different dimensions that can be easily achieved at a relatively low cost. The design features make it possible to fit EMC protection at a later date, should you want that option. The different front elements give the mounting racks an optimal look and its ejector handle is designed for multiple functions and can cope with high insertion and withdrawal forces.

Key features include:

  • Wide range of standard products
  • Standard subracks for Euro and double Euro cards
  • EMC protection upgradable at any time
  • All guide rails have stable snap-in fixing to ensure a firm fit
  • Special subracks can be produced quickly and flexibly
  • Ejector handle
  • Part and plug-in front panels
  • Frame-type plug-in units
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

You can choose standard sizes for installation of PCB cards or slot-in components from up to 96 different sizes:

  • Three and six height units (HE)
  • 42, 63, 84 part units (TE)
  • 178, 238, 298, 358 mm depth
  • For BUS PCB technology (Pi)
  • For direct screw-on connectors according to DIN EN 60603-2 or prev.DIN 41612 (12)
  • For slot-in components according to IEC 60297-3
  • For slot-in components with insertion and extraction function according to IEEE 1101.10, IEC 48D/119/CD (-HG)
  • All profiles for BUS or connector technology can be lowered by 15 mm