Introducing the medium-sized series that’s big on adaptability

With our Bopla Industrial Enclosures’ Intertego, we’ve introduced a versatile, medium-sized series to our line of desktop enclosures. Fusing high-quality with innovative design, the Intertego’s modern aesthetic and sturdy aluminum build make your product stand out from all the rest. Consisting of two heights, three widths, and three depths, Intertego offers a multitude of sizing options and an abundant amount of space for electronic equipment.

These enclosures are perfectly suited for applications requiring electronic shielding, and with a small upgrade, Intertego can be converted to a 19″ enclosure. All components are built for easy assembly and with its wide range of accessories, Intertego can open up a wide range of new fields of applications. We also offer machining, silk-screening, custom colors, and membrane keypads to complete your design – all done right here, in-house, at Phoenix Mecano. So you can be sure you’ll get your order fast and without complication.

Key features include:

  • Two different heights
  • Length and width are individually adjustable
  • 18 standard dimensions Ex warehouse
  • Aluminum baseplates and top covers
  • Ideal EMC characteristics come standard
  • Higher-shielding values achievable with accessories
  • Available installation of 19″ components
  • Use as 19″ chassis
  • Comprehensive range of accessories