The design blends. The durability stands out.

Specifically designed to match your electronics, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Internom enclosures offer of a wide range of products for: equipment construction, control enclosures, laboratory equipment, data recording and transfer, and EDP periphery enclosures. Internom is the result of the most modest design in the 19” sector and utilizes a robust polystyrene material for a high degree of protection while having a surprisingly low weight and the finest surface quality. The constructional design, with IP 54 ingress protection, permits the use of the same base parts as desktop or wall enclosures in all sizes.

Key features include:

  • Easy expansion from 3 HE to 15 HE using 1 HE extensions set
  • Available from stock as a vertical enclosure
  • Available IP 54 front door to lock
  • Internorm also offers some unique features for fitting 19-inch sub racks
  • Five different sizes and more on request
  • Heights can be adjusted using extension sets
  • Collapsible screw cover
  • Integrated collapsible with tip-up feet
  • Front door IP 54 available as an accessory
  • Available wall mounting