One of the smallest cooling units on the market

Maximum cooling with minimal space requirements are the hallmark of our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Mini Cooling System. The maintenance-free cooling system with 200W to 450W is designed to operate without filters. The heat exchanger and condenser profile are optimized using wide aluminum fins and improved air in- and outlet. Collectively they provide an increased cooling output of 20%, this guarantees performance for demanding industrial environments. These mini-cooling units can be operated through mini controllers according to operational requirements.

With a depth of only 110mm these robust mini cooling units are currently one of the smallest on the market.

Key features include:

  • Requires minimal space to operate
  • Maintenance-free cooling system
  • 200W to 450W units designed without filters
  • Optimized heat exchange and condenser provide 20% more cooling output
  • Ideal for industrial environments