Offering Modular Design Flexibility

The Fiberglass Modular Flange System consists of three different enclosures that can be used as stand alone units or as enclosures bolted together with connecting tunnel flanges and wedges. This fast system of joining enclosures together not only guarantees a watertight seal, but also offers greatly expanded internal component mounting space. The length and width dimensions are expandable by adding additional enclosures. These three expandable systems offer all the advantages of molded products: clean design, tight tolerances, consistent dimensions, strength, low cost, and resistance to weather and industrial corrosion. They also offer what is not normally available with molded products—expansion capability. This system offers strength, ruggedness, and weather/corrosion resistance, unmatched by metal enclosures. The rugged fiberglass will not give off toxic halogenated gases when burned. This makes these units ideal for areas where strict fire codes limit the use of plastic cases in harsh manufacturing, high fire hazard areas. These fiberglass modular enclosures are ideal for electrical junction boxes in caustic petrochemical plants or electroplating plants. Rose Industrial Enclosures’ fiberglass modular enclosures have also been used to house car wash controls and as outdoor post-mounted railroad signal control boxes. Alone, they can be used as individual control or junction boxes, or can be snapped together quickly to create an expandable, wall-mounted, outdoor, electrical control center. Each enclosure includes a lid and base, non-reinforced fiberglass (POCAN) 3/4 turn lid screws and a polyurethane gasket. Flanges, connecting tunnels, hinges, mounting plates, etc., are options that must be ordered separately. (Flange wedges are included with flanges)

Optional pre-threaded flanges have molded-in knockouts, which are easily removed with a screwdriver. This exposes the molded-in threads designed for Rose Industrial Enclosures’ watertight cable glands.

Key features include:

  • Flexible design possibilities
  • Easy joining of enclosures together in many configurations
  • Expands internal mounting space