Unrelenting performance for unforgiving environments

Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Fiberglass Watertight Mini Cabinets are ideal for hostile environments. These rugged mini cabinets offer exceptional strength, durability, and feature a beige gray high gloss finish.
Fiberglass Mini Cabinets are designed specifically for harsh manufacturing conditions and hostile environments and will outlast any steel or stainless steel cabinet in a corrosive setting. They are used in areas where components need to be protected against aggressive media and weathering. Applications for indoor and outdoor usage are: small distribution cabinets, as a housing for electronic components used for measuring in a weather station, and for control and monitoring system devices. These robust cabinets have also been used for outdoor desert data logging devices, chemical processing plant monitors, and as flow meters in oil refineries. Special Ex versions are also available.
Fiberglass Mini Cabinets are offered with an opaque door or with a laminated safety-glass viewing window in the door. Optional handle components and locks are made of fiberglass with stainless steel fittings. All components are non-corrosive. Lid screw threads are stainless steel and will not strip out, ensuring a tight watertight seal for the life of the box

Key features include:

  • Stainless steel hinge pins, a fiberglass base, and lid with optional door with window
  • Stainless steel hinge springs
  • Neoprene gasket door locks, key mounting plates, and external brackets