A standout design that sits nicely on any desktop

Thanks to its ergonomically angled surface, our Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ Elegant-Pult series of enclosures is ideally suited for use as a desktop or wall enclosure. In the PD design, the lid contains a standard recessed display surface for LCD displays. The compact desktop design of this system creates good opportunities for use as an enclosure for small keypads, displays or access controls.

On a technical level, the Elegant-Pult contains three distinct characteristics:

Enclosure screwing systems: Concealed hardware is standard, with four to five self-tapping screws for insertion from underneath.
Wall mounting: Achieved by means of breakout keyholes by pushing enclosure onto pre-fitted screws. Keyhole openings can be closed from the inside with EG-AK covers.
PCB mounting: PC boards or mounting screws can be attached on mounting bosses in the lid and base with self-tapping screws. Slot-in grooves are provided for PC boards or mounting plates, which can positioned vertically and parallel to rear wall. In model series EG 20, the arrangement of bosses is specifically designed for use with a Euro card (160 x 100mm, 6.30” x 3.94”) with plug-in connectors.

Key features include:

  • Three sizes
  • Versions with display screen or continuous membrane keypad area
  • Plastic rear panel
  • Integrated wall fitting
  • Separate wall brackets as an option
  • In PD version, the lid features a recessed display surface for LCD displays as standard