When lives are on the line, rely on Rose Industrial Enclosures

Our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ E30 enclosure systems are molded of a special halogen-free polyester material in pure orange color, RAL 2004. These enclosures are intended to be used in such areas as tunnels, buildings, or any area where a high risk of fire may exist. Applications may include; power supplies, lighting, ventilation equipment, or camera systems to name just a few.

The terminal clamping point – divisive for safe connections – consists of heat-resident ceramic terminals with wire guards in all E30 enclosures. Transverse bridges allow distribution of power within the equipment conforming to VDE requirements. A special stainless steel support frame for the terminal rails offers secure fixing of the terminals and cables – even under the influence of extreme heat.

Key features include:

  • Fire protection enclosure from special halogen free polyester material
  • Enclosure system with general certification to DIN 4102 part 12
  • Individual modification with special approval ceramic terminal blocks and cable glands