Designed for retro-fitting

Our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Commander 1 enclosures are small, aluminum machine control enclosures designed for retro-fitting older machines and mills for NC and CNC controls, as well as for new equipment control packages. This rugged die-cast aluminum housing will operate in harsh manufacturing applications where oil, cutting fluids, vibration, and shock are everyday conditions. This system guarantees a high degree of protection for fitted electronic components and shows a high operating comfort.

Key features include:

  • Rear section is a rugged die-cast aluminum base
  • Front Die Cast Bezel is removable, with anodized aluminum faceplate
  • Base, front bezel, and front faceplate have neoprene gaskets to seal out oil, water, and cutting fluids
  • Clear Transparent hinged front cover and handle set is optional for most sizes
  • Clear Transparent hinged front cover is not NEMA rated, but adds protection
  • Strongly recommend installation of internal hinges with each unit*

*Hinges are invisible when unit is operational and allows the front panel to swing to the side or drop down like a tray when the front bezel is opened for service access