Designed to reduce mounting work and time

Our Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ CombiNorm Compact is designed to easily house a circuit board in a flame resistant (UL94V0), polyamide 6.6 shell and allow the choice of a lid and front panel. Lids are available with or without terminal trim and air vents and simply snap into place. The orientation and design of the unit itself allows for optimal PC Board utilization because the PC Board is inserted from the side. External connections are located at angles, which permit easy access for connecting and disconnecting leads. Front panel design is also simplified.

As its name “Compact” indicates, this unit measures approximately 75mm high, 100mm deep, and is available in three standard widths ranging from 19mm to 26mm. Front panels are ideal for RF connectors and “D” or “Sub-D” connectors; 2-pin or 3-pin terminal blocks are stacked in openings on the top and bottom of the enclosure to maximize the number or potential connections without increasing the overall width of the unit. Right angle terminal soldering pins make it possible to mount terminals with components in a single soldering process.

Key features include:

  • Three sizes
  • Two lid types
  • Patented pre-mounted rail snap foot
  • Matching connection terminals as accessories
  • Comprehensive range of accessories