Setting a new standard for enclosure technology


The Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ Botego desktop enclosure system sets a new standard for customizable enclosure technology. It’s innovative design consists of two plastic half-shells that can be inserted either horizontally or vertically. The enclosure height, or width for vertical use can be extended with 45.72mm grid extension sets (9 HP). And to ensure proper ventilation, especially for heat-intensive components, air vents can be mounted directly over each other or by staggering.

Key features include:

  • Four basic sizes
  • For horizontal or vertical use
  • Three standard heights
  • Other heights available by using extension sets
  • Design with or without air vents
  • Locking of the enclosure parts; also screw able (option)
  • Design elements and caps in six colors
  • Angled front
  • Front/rear panel, aluminum, plug-in, and screw able
  • Good stack ability
  • Flat wall mounting possible
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Custom Color Options

The design elements and caps of Botego are available in six different colors, so you can transform the basic neutral enclosure to create your individual touch. For you convenience, Bopla Electronic Enclosures offer color and customer specific foils for enclosure surface designs. Shape, color, or embossing can be selected individually.