Breaking new ground in standard handheld enclosures

When using an “off-the-shelf” hand-held enclosure, often some customers have to make compromises with regard to design, color, technical possibilities, and dimensions. Usually empty enclosures are available in one or two basic colors, allowing custom designs to be created only by designing a possible membrane keypad. So when developing our Bopla Electronics Enclosures’ Arteb, we made sure a “custom-made standard design”. In cooperation with electrical engineers and designers, we have developed a system that offers unique design, color, flexible power supply, and robust protection.

Perfect packaging electronic equipment, it comes in an ergonomic design with an individual touch, while offering IP 65 (with accessories) and immense functionality. You will appreciate the smooth design of this series, and benefit from the wide spectrum of options it offers. It gives you product protection for your equipment. Insertion slots right behind the caps (not for ART 115) can accommodate your front panels, enabling you to fit in another mounting surface. E.g., this can be used for components requiring momentary access during an application. This cap can be fitted again for protection after using the unit. Depending on the application area and size chosen, mounting space has been provided for PCMCIA or chip card readers. As a standard, each cap can be opened using a tool such as a screwdriver. For a more convenient way of opening, a hand-operated catch look is available as an accessory. Which means it’s possible to open the caps readily by hand – no tools required.

Key features include:

  • Six sizes
  • End caps in six colors
  • Caps made of infrared-permissible material
  • Various battery compartments
  • Definable access protection
  • Versions with display cut-out or continuous membrane keypad area
  • Comprehensive range of accessories