Responds to environmental punishment with unyielding performance

The trend towards smaller units in electronic engineering means the stationary and mobile devices used in plant automation and process control are also decreasing in size, but many applications still require larger, rugged handheld units. With dimensions of 380x117x68mm, the robust Beluga 380 opens up a wide range of options for applications related to machine control, crane operations, display, and measurement and control instrumentation.

Key features include:

  • Molded in impact-resistant polyamide
  • Ergonomic design for handheld applications
  • Available with and without display windows
  • Designed with recesses for use with membranes and keypads
  • Easily accommodates keypads and silicone switch mats
  • Optional EMC version with internal coating and EMC-seal

The Beluga 380 is a robust, two-part polyamide enclosure consisting of a top and bottom part with snap-on hooks that can be used as a stand or for hanging.