Harmful and hazardous is where it feels right at home

Our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ Beluga Ex handheld enclosures are designed for applications in the most hazardous environments and dangerous climates, including oil rigs, pulp mills, chemical plants, or refineries. In industries where only the strong survive, you need an enclosure that never stops flexing its muscle. That’s why we construct the Beluga Ex from Polyamide 12 material, which provides incredible resistance to impact and wear. Robust and ergonomically designed, these enclosures are ideal for use as gas analyzers, data collectors, remote control units, or calibration devices.

Key features include:

  • A tongue and groove sealing system with integrated gasket provides an ingress protection rating up to IP65
  • Models available in the closed design
  • Three different sizes
  • Optional version with display area

The Beluga Ex180 and 220 models are designed and built with environmental and practical considerations in mind, featuring:

  • Angled head section that makes the display easy to read
  • Upper portion is recessed to accommodate membrane keypads
  • A large functional area provided for electromechanical switches, buttons, or other contour elements

Additionally, the larger 380 model opens up a wide range of application options like machine control devices, display enclosures, or measurement and control instruments. For those working under ATEX certification in Zone One or Two, the Beluga Ex handheld enclosure is just what you’re looking for.