The versatile, flexible housing option for DIN rail mounted components

It’s not hard to find an enclosure for DIN rail mountable components. However, finding an enclosure that will readily accommodate components intended for it can be more of a challenge because most DIN rail mountable enclosures are only available in limited sizes and shapes, and few “off-the-shelf” units can be modified to allow for expansion.

Our Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ Alurail series is a highly versatile and flexible system for housing any DIN rail mounted component. Alurail units consist of an anodized extruded aluminum body, open on its front and both ends, available in two profile depths and eight standard lengths. The ends are fitted with polyamide caps and a front panel of anodized aluminum. Red translucent plastic front panels are also available on request. This system allows the extrusion and front panel to be cut to any length then capped for optimal fit.

Alurail housings support modular add-ons that can increase overall interior dimensions for larger projects. These can also be added as optional components, after manufacture. Other add-ons include membrane keypads and display windows. Ultimately, Alurail is a flexible system that offers easy expansion in a design unique to your application.

Key features include:

  • Well suited for use in measurement, control, and automatic control technology
  • Profiles available in standard lengths
  • Customer-specific circuit boards can be inserted into profile as a front end element
  • Versatile and flexible system for housing DIN rail mounted components
  • Anodized extruded aluminum body, open on its front and both ends
  • Supports modular add-ons for larger projects
  • Ingress protection up to IP 40