This beauty is a beast


Watertight, hand-held, wall-mount, or desktop … Alubos has the features to do it all. This aluminum extrusion-style enclosure system combines form and function to meet the needs of your specific design. Three types of Alubos profiles are offered: closed, split horizontally, or open on one side in variable lengths. It offers ingress protection up to IP 65, profiles with high mechanical loading capacity and is ideal for wireless applications with excellent shielding properties. Eye-catching visual design includes seals as a design element. It all combines to make Alubos not just a another “pretty case”, but a robust protection for the electronics within.

Key features include:

  • Three profile variants
  • Nine profile cross-sections
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Functional die-cast aluminum end covers
  • Excellent EMC shielding
  • EMC seal optional
  • Design seals in five colors
  • Wide range of accessories

The two-part version of the Alubos enclosure offers more convenient mounting options, with integrated slot-in grooves that easily allow the insertion of printed circuit boards into an open enclosure. The sealing between the two profiles, as well as between the ends of the profiles, guarantees an ingress protection IP 65.