Answering The Call for Security in the Age of Big Data

Introducing the Alu-Topline, one of our newest Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ desktop enclosures. Featuring innovative technology and ergonomic lines, the Alu-Topline creates new opportunities for use in the field of data recording and processing. With a divided enclosure profile, it offers easy, fast mounting of the electronics and other components, as it can be optimally fixed in the various grooves and screw channels. The Alu-Topline’s lid has a recessed area for mounting membrane keypads, and can also be turned by 180° for table and wall use with the same assemblies. From smooth versatility to smooth rear surfaces, our Alu-Topline enclosure is the perfect choice that allows for optimal adaptation to your individual requirements while providing long-lasting protection of critical data and components.

Key features of the Alu-Topline include:

  • Four basic sizes
  • Two heights
  • More dimensions on request
  • Horizontally-divided profiles for easy mounting
  • Recessed membrane keypad area in the lid
  • Mounting grooves inside
  • “Invisible” wall fitting as accessory

As a system supplier and mechanical processor, we also offer customer-specific membrane keypads and the assembly of complete enclosures, including electronic components.