Suspension Systems


Modular. Flexible. Efficient.

Our stylish Rose Industrial Enclosures’ suspension systems feature a smart design approach that allows for fast wiring of control components and minimal maintenance effort. Featuring an open or closed cable channel, they offer an abundance of mounting options for modern HMI Enclosures, flat panel enclosures and modular system configurations. Elegantly designed and accented by the continuity of lines between the profile and system components, it gives the system a uniformly slender look with our HMI Enclosures.

  • For light, medium and heavy loads up to 169 lbs at 9.8 feet
  • Perfect for machines and automation equipment
  • For new equipment or refurbishment of old equipment
  • Available in aluminum or steel tubing with die cast components
  • Round, square or stylish looking tubing
  • Top or bottom mount systems


Know your classifications. Download our NEMA/IEC Reference Guide.

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