Instrumentation Enclosures


Building a strong case for unmatched quality and customizability

When it comes to sturdy, well-crafted and technician-friendly designed enclosures, there’s none better than our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ and Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ instrumentation enclosures. Designed for wall-mount or desktop, our extensive range of instrumentation enclosures are available with a variety of options and add-ons so engineers can adapt each enclosure to their specific needs. Modular front, center, and rear sections can be linked together in various combinations to produce a multitude of custom enclosure designs.

Most models feature front terminal compartments with PG or metric cable knockouts. It allows for convenient cable gland access and makes them ideal for small test equipment and computer peripherals.

  • Ingress protection rating of IP 66 and enclosure access protection
  • Metric cable knockouts on fronts of terminal
  • Recessed surfaces are designed to easily accommodate displays or membrane keypads
  • Technician-friendly design
  • Modular sections allows for a multitude of customized designs

Know your classifications. Download our NEMA/IEC Reference Guide.

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