DIN Rail Mountable


DIN done right

Frequently used for measurement, control and instrumentation applications, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ and Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ DIN rail enclosures give you complete flexibility to get the exact, individual enclosure your unique application requires. Whether you choose plastic or metal, with or without a bus connection, with air vents or without, or fitted with terminals – we offer the options that take enclosure design to the next stage.

When used as an integrated status display, our enclosures can be fitted mechanically and at any time with a cutout, which incorporates a display window and a matching membrane keypad. Also, with every order, you’ll have full access to our full range of customization options and in-house engineering team who are available to help you with printing, mechanical processing, or fitting an individual membrane keypad.

  • Enormous range of products
  • Can be mechanically-fitted to incorporate display window
  • Available in plastic or metal
  • Additional accessories available including hoods, front panels, earthing sets, and more

Know your classifications. Download our NEMA/IEC Reference Guide.

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