Engineered for a competitive edge

Ergonomically designed and available in a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes, our Rose Industrial Enclosures’ and Bopla Electronic Enclosures’ desktop products offer a scope of application and appearance that is truly remarkable – housing modern office systems, point-of-sale terminals, security units, and many other types of electronic terminals. Choose from a wide range of accessories to give your enclosure a distinctive and attractive appearance – so you can stand out from the competition.

The design and shape of our Rose and Bopla enclosures make them particularly well suited for medical technology used in doctors’ offices or clinics. And should your enclosure need any customization, such as fitting a membrane keypad into the enclosure, you’ll have full access to our in-house engineering team and customization services to ensure you get the right enclosure for your application needs require – on time, on budget.

  • Unparalleled scope of application
  • Perfect for use in medical offices and clinics
  • External screw channels guarantee complete use of internal area
  • Integrated guide grooves for PC boards
  • External groove system
  • Air ventilation protects against heat build up
  • Variable profile lengths
  • Distinct and unique design elements
  • Comprehensive accessories list
  • High-quality build
  • Complete customization services
  • 19” subrack option available

Know your classifications. Download our NEMA/IEC Reference Guide.

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