Making a strong case for quality and durability

Designed to house electrical and electronic applications in some of the most hazardous and hostile environments known to man, our Rose Industrial Enclosures are functional, durable, and engineered to meet the most stringent quality, safety, and protection standards. We offer an extensive range of third-party certified enclosures and cable glands, which can be customized in-house to meet the specific needs of the medical, food and beverage, oil and gas, mineral and mining, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Broad spectrum of options for indoor and outdoor use
  • Second-to none for reliability and appearance
  • Meet the strictest global standards and certification for safety and protection
  • Extremely robust design
  • Easily engineered for any application
  • Extensive material and product line
  • Complete in-house customization options
  • Competitive pricing

For environments where tough just isn’t tough enough, we offer watertight cabinets made from compression-molded fiberglass that will outlast any steel or stainless steel cabinet in a corrosive or marine development area. Also, with every order, you’ll have full access to a complete menu of customization options and our in-house engineering team, who are available to help you with printing, mechanical processing, or any customization your application may require.

Know your classifications. Download our NEMA/IEC Reference Guide.

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