Customization Services



At Phoenix Mecano, we make getting an enclosure or automation solution that meets the exact specifications of your applications simple. From assembly, machining, and engraving to painting, surface treatments, and more, we do it all in-house, which means fewer suppliers and fewer delays. The net result is that we can ship your finished solution to meet your project timeline.

When you let Phoenix Mecano customize your enclosures:

  • You have one point of contact for shipping, billing, and other concerns
  • You can be confident that the job will be done right because no one knows our enclosures better than our team
  • You’ll never need to purchase extra enclosures because your local supplier messed up the job

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Whether you need customization services for a one-off application, or 50 units for a low-volume production application, our team of enclosure experts will work closely as your first point of contact – providing conceptual drawings and designs, and ensuring all of your requirements are met.

With deep application knowledge and a strong understanding of technical, compliance, and certification requirements, we can deliver a cost-effective solution for even the most complex applications.

For customer service, please call 301-696-9411 or for technical assistance, please call 301-696-2126.