Connecting Technology


RK Automation Solutions

Clamp connector made of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel

The Tube Connecting System – clamp and release

  Connecting precision round and square tubes in a reliable and stable way, while also making it easy to release can be a difficult task. The RK connecting technology, which has been proven over years of use, meets this requirement in a simple and almost perfect fashion. Our versatile connection elements offer you the chance to implement creative and flexible solutions, because you can rely on our product. We are sure to have the right part for you, and if not we will develop one especially.
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Light Clamps (Plastic)Light Clamps (Plastic) Light load range
  • Easy
  • Good value
  • Variable
Solid Clamps (Aluminium)Solid Clamps (Aluminium)Medium to heavy load range
  • Reliable
  • Solid
  • Price/Performance optimised
  • Great variety
Robust Clamps (Stainless Steel)Robust Clamps (Stainless Steel)Shock-proof load range
  • Extreme strong
  • Vibration proof
  • Impact and shock load
  • Corrosion/temperature resistant
ITAS – Industrial stairs and working platformsITAS – Industrial stairs and working platformsSystematic railings, stairs, pedestals and working platforms
  • Can be mounted without the need for any kind of machining
  • Inside clamping system with smooth transitions – hand-friendly
  • Universal and extremely flexible application
Support arm systems/equipment carrierSupport arm systems/equipment carrierSystems for the simple connection of control units
  • Individual system design in next to no time
  • Adjustment of pivotal forces
  • Adjustment of pivoting range