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February 20, 2015   |   Blog

Most Ex Enclosures require a certain degree of customization to ensure they will fit your unique application needs. We have found that there are two main levels of customization that consumers choose:

Level 1: Ins...  read more


February 17, 2015   |   Ex Enclosures

Now that you have a high-level overview of the Ex Enclosure classes and divisions, let’s dig in a bit more into w...  read more


February 10, 2015   |   Ex Enclosures

The basic principles of explosion protection are identical everywhere. Nonetheless, in the field of explosion protection for electrical devices and equipment, techniques and systems have evolved in North America that substantially differ from the IEC directives. The differences compared to the...  read more


October 15, 2014   |   Case Study

Phoenix Mecano's customer, On-Ramp Wireless (Ingenu), is the global leader in wide-area machine-to-machine connectivity. Only the On-Ramp Network has the range, capacity, and security to address the growing demand for smart grid, remote monitoring, wide area sensing, and other M2M applications. ...  read more