Ex Enclosures

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January 19, 2016   |   Automation Solutions

Along with NEMA and IP rating, environmental considerations such as geographic location and hazardous environments where the enclosure will be used, manufacturers carry certifications that testify that their products meet the required industry standards. Phoenix Mecano is a design-oriented man...  read more


November 5, 2015   |   Blog

When purchasing a high-consideration product, such as an explosion-proof enclosure, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of worthwhile enclosure information out there. To help familiarize yourself with the basics, we’ve compiled some of the top fa...  read more


October 28, 2015   |   Blog

Phoenix Mecano offers engineers faced with packaging requirements an enormous advantage in finding an ideal solution.

  1. We Have a Large Inventory of Ready-to-Ship Enclosures
    Our warehouses...  read more


October 9, 2015   |   Blog

When most people think of enclosure customization, they think of machining or drilling the enclosures to physically modify them to fit their specific application. However, this is only one aspect of customization that Phoenix Mecano does in-house. An often-overlooked customization service is f...  read more


March 3, 2015   |   Ex Enclosures

When necessary to prevent electrical components from external hazards, such as potentially explosive environments and/or corrosive material, it’s likely you will need to purchase an Ex enclosure. Depending on the environment and location of the enclosure, there are numerous ...  read more