5 Ways Phoenix Mecano Makes Sourcing Your Enclosure Easier

Phoenix Mecano offers engineers faced with packaging requirements an enormous advantage in finding an ideal solution.

  1. We Have a Large Inventory of Ready-to-Ship Enclosures
    Our warehouses are home to one of the industry’s most extensive inventories of standard, off-the-shelf enclosures – so we can almost always get you what you need, quickly.
  2. Our Support Team is Second to None
    Our team has years of expertise with specifying, building and customizing enclosures, so you can always get fast answers to your technical questions.
  3. We Provide Easy Access to Drawings
    We know how important getting the right dimensional information can be to the success of your project, so we offer a number of ways to access the drawing information you need:
    • Find it on Our Website
      Our website provides access to all of our most popular and requested product drawings. If you don’t find what you need you can submit an online form request for information.
    • Call Our Customer Service Team
      Don’t See What You Need Online? Our Phoenix Mecano customer service team has access to a larger library of drawings and CAD files and can be reached at 301-696-9411. We can use our resources to find what you need.
    • Request Files By Email
      You can also request that drawing(s) be sent to you via email at
    • Call Our Technical Hotline
      We have a seasoned engineer ready to answer your technical questions regarding our enclosures and/or assistance with your application requirements. A Phoenix Mecano engineer is available at 301-696-2126.
  4. We Can Custom Design an Enclosure For You
    Our experienced in-house technical support team will work closely with your engineering staff to build out a custom enclosure design that’s perfect for your project.
  5. Special Materials and Specs are No Problem
    We can injection-mold most plastic enclosures in special blended colors and/or materials. If you need a specific materials for improved flame retardance, impact resistance, chemical resistance or to meet other custom specs, let us know and we’ll find the best solution.

For more info, please download: Drawings & Design Information

*We offer this information as accurate at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Phoenix Mecano is not responsible for inadvertent errors. ©2013 Phoenix Mecano Inc.